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How A Design Came Together For KC Magazine, The Den

There is nothing better than wonderful, kind clients.  Those fabulous people that appreciate great design and want to surround themselves with it to make every day better for themselves.  This couple was no exception! Once frustrated, Kerry and Mike Helmuth turned to me for wonderful design solutions.  Their home needed some...

Elle Decor in Kansas City

What can we say?  We are fabulous, aren't we? I do love Kansas City and think this is a most flattering article published by Elle Decor.  I enjoyed our local Patricia Shackelford's incredible ability to capture our cities graces and she did so by highlighting the best and brightest,...

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A Few More Pics…

  Another quick mention and photo from the evening...such an honor! I collect costume jewelry so I am a little partial to this cover. That is me in the upper right-hand corner.