Wallpaper is the trend that’s sticking around, & here’s why

Nicole Zarr and Associates If you’re like us, you likely have vivid memories of spending long weekends removing decades-old wallpaper off the walls of your childhood home. So it’s only normal to have a bittersweet reaction towards wallpaper’s return to fame in recent years. Luckily, modern technology has reinvented wallpaper and...

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T + T on Trends

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sitting in our studio drinking cocoa spiked with cinnamon and cooking up ideas for our blog. In between installations and design meetings, we decided to do a trend series over the next few months and couldn’t be more excited about it. Although we...


Wallpaper How-To’s…How To Make It Gorgeous!

While the thought of wallpaper makes some people scream, for you, I hope it will bring squeals of delight!  It is back in full force and with so many gorgeous papers out there to choose from, they are just starting to make just paint look, well, not as exciting.  Why...