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Wallpaper is the trend that’s sticking around, & here’s why

Nicole Zarr and Associates If you’re like us, you likely have vivid memories of spending long weekends removing decades-old wallpaper off the walls of your childhood home. So it’s only normal to have a bittersweet reaction towards wallpaper’s return to fame in recent years. Luckily, modern...
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Top 7 Fabulous Tips and Tricks For Your Home

Hope you were able to catch us this month on Fox 4 for some great tips we have learned over the years to make our client's homes more beautiful, easier to live in and love! This month on Fox 4: Design Tips and Tricks. Tran and...
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KC Anchor Gives T+T An Amazing Testimonial

Wow.  Thank you, Matt!!!  What you said here is so sweet. We really enjoyed helping you and your wonderful wife with your home.  Thank you again for your kind words! Matt Stewart of KCTV 5 News "I have known Jill Tran for the past six years have...
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Award Winning Living Room, “Before” and “After”

Thank you to KC Magazine for our newest Design Excellence Awards!   This living room remodel was one of our winners.  Not only do we love the "After" (it is just what the homeowners were wanting!), but it is such a far cry from the "Before." "BEFORE" After discovering...
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Trend Series: Chair Backs

Often overlooked, chair backs are finally having a moment. No longer plain Janes, we have versions with hardware, intricate cut outs and textural fabrics. (more…)
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Trend Series: Yellow & Orange

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your house, color can quickly inject some life into your space. Two of the hottest shades this year, yellow and orange, bring to mind citrus and sunshine. This week, we wanted to give you a few, simple...
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Master Suites – IV

After showing you a week’s worth of sexy suites, we invite you to take a look at one last design solution. In this show-stopping room...even the dog looks fancy. (more…)
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“Before” and “After” A Fairway Remodel

We love this cute and simple remodel we did.  The room started out so blank and standard.  The couple wanted to liven it up, keep it comfy, gain some storage and get the layout of the room to be smooth. "BEFORE" We chose to create a cozy...
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Master Suites – III

So far, we’ve shown you some glammed up versions of master suites, but today, we wanted to share a softer side. Bathed in yellow, this sunny room is the perfect retreat for cold winter days. (more…)
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Master Suites – Part II

To make a space feel special, the key is to pay attention to the details. Fresh flowers, soft bedding and spa features create feelings of luxury and decadence. Don’t believe us? Just think of the first time you walked into a honeymoon suite.
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Master Suites – Part I

In a lot of homes, the master bedrooms are the last spaces to receive any design attention.  But in our eyes, they deserve so much more. When it comes to creating the perfect suite, we think the details matter so much. From the closet to the...

Master Suite Series

As interior designers in Kansas City, we’re often asked to create a romantic retreat for our clients. Designing luxurious and sexy spaces is what we do best. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating master suites this week. Each day, we’ll share gorgeous spaces...
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We’re Showered With Design Awards

It was an amazing evening. I was shocked as my new business partner, Carmen Thomas and I, kept hearing my name over and over at the Design Excellence Awards by KC Magazine.  I am flattered beyond flattered and oh, so humbled. It is such a joy...

We Share The Trends With KC Star, Read The Article

The Kansas City Star asks us for the latest trends in home fashion.  They are exciting!  Stay tuned this week for a ton of pics of trends to come.  Which will you like best? Read the article Enjoyed this blog?  Follow us on facebook. Make it fab! -Jill Click here...
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Life, Crazy Life To Blame For Delaying My Posts….

....but we had ANOTHER death in the family.  That is two good men in just 4 months.  I certainly do not want to bring you down, I want to share with you what I learned: 1) If you or a loved one have been prescribed medication,...