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The Elegance of Faux Finish

First things first, what are “faux finishes”? While there isn’t a single definition or set of criteria, "faux finish" is a term that describes a variety of painting techniques that are intended to add depth and create an optical illusion that manipulates the eye into believing it's something that it's...

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Master Suites – IV

After showing you a week’s worth of sexy suites, we invite you to take a look at one last design solution. In this show-stopping room...even the dog looks fancy. (more…)

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Master Suites – III

So far, we’ve shown you some glammed up versions of master suites, but today, we wanted to share a softer side. Bathed in yellow, this sunny room is the perfect retreat for cold winter days. (more…)

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Master Suites – Part II

To make a space feel special, the key is to pay attention to the details. Fresh flowers, soft bedding and spa features create feelings of luxury and decadence. Don’t believe us? Just think of the first time you walked into a honeymoon suite.

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Master Suites – Part I

In a lot of homes, the master bedrooms are the last spaces to receive any design attention.  But in our eyes, they deserve so much more. When it comes to creating the perfect suite, we think the details matter so much. From the closet to the bed, we design retreats to support...

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Antlers In The Mountains And Your Living Room

I am an animal lover.  Love the deer...don’t shoot me.  They are gorgeous creatures.  I hope many of you agree with me. With them shedding their antlers naturally, it is wonderful to find them for your home and make them as striking as when they crown a buck. Some ideas?   See...

Color? Take A Kiss From Spring

Want a guarantee for a beautiful space?  Take a hint from Spring! The inspiration... ...the finish! Follow us on facebook. Make it fab! -Jill Click here to DISCOVER ALL OF JILL'S LATEST BLOGS FULL OF GREAT DESIGN, TIPS AND INSPIRATION Jill Tran is a Kansas City Interior Designer and creates beautiful, custom interiors for her interior design...

Fun Trends…Color! Part V of V

I love color.  What can I say?  It captures a mood and changes how you feel.  How do these spaces make you feel?  Check out these spaces from the most recent International Furniture and Accessory Market. "Like" us on facebook Click here to DISCOVER ALL OF JILL'S LATEST BLOGS FULL...

Get Inspired With More Beautiful Objects…

Back to sharing more lovely photos with you from the Market.  I have been loving all of the gray distressed patinas and/or chalk finishes the wood has been treated with.  It is a finish that creates such mood.  I threw in some additional grays through silvers....glass and metal.  Perfect for...

More Birds For The Taking

After visiting the High Point Furniture and Accessory Market, I wanted to continue to share with you all of the trends and hot designer pieces you will be seeing.  Here are more of the birds for you to see.  Amazing how many different places they showed up. Three on the wall...