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Trend Series: Metal Wrapped Furniture

With the emergence of Steampunk as an interior design trend, it’s no surprise that furniture is experiencing some innovative changes. To add something eye-catching to your home, consider a piece of metal wrapped furniture. By using traditional or vintage shapes, these pieces can give a nod to the past in...

Trend Series: Steampunk

http://www.flickr.com/photos/tranthomasdesign/6899764873/ Steampunk, a blend of vintage, Victorian style and today’s technology, has found its way into the interior design world. Wonderfully bizarre and alluring, the style is best known for oddly beautiful objects, art and rooms. If you were throwing a dinner party and Steampunk was a guest, it would be...

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To Market, To Market

This November, we went to the International Furniture & Accessories Market in North Carolina to scope out new trends and collect pieces for our clients. Walking from booth to booth, we chatted up furniture, accessory and rug designers to get a clearer picture of how the industry is doing, where it’s...