Author - Carmen Thomas

T + T is Transforming The Plaza’s Parkway Towers Condo!

This wonderful Mid-century condominium has an incredible location, location, location! Nestled in the heart of the Kansas City Country Club Plaza, it boasts a truly fabulous group of tenants with an appreciation of the building's wonderful architecture. With the passage of time, like any home, the amenity spaces needed a little...

Cozy Up and Fall In Love

2023’s Hottest Interior Design Trends

The summer sun has set and we are waking to crisp mornings, and falling leaves as we start to shed 2023 and prepare for what awaits in 2024. Fall is a time to refresh as we cozy into cold winter evenings. These cooler temperatures open the...

Why to hire an interior designer BEFORE you buy a home

Moving or relocating to Kansas City? The secret to a successful move!

Let’s be honest, moving is stressful. According to a quick internet search, moving tops the list of the most stressful life events, ranking even higher than divorce or changing jobs. Although purchasing a new home is an exciting endeavor,...

Moving to Kansas City? This is a must read!

So, you are considering making the move to Kansas City but you’re on the fence. As proud Kansas Citians ourselves, we would love to tell you all the reasons why Kansas City is a great place to live from a designer’s perspective.

The Basics

When you say Kansas, most people think of...

Furniture For Your Home

Choosing the Right Furniture For Your Home

The right furniture can make a space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. However, choosing the best items for a particular interior design project requires more work than most homeowners realize. While personal preference is important, creating a cohesive design that is both beautiful and accessible requires consideration of a few...

elegant outdoor balcony overlooking a city

Custom Solutions For Your Commercial Interior Design Needs

Interior design is important for any space. An interior design that considers adequate space planning and branding standards is pivotal to satisfy both employees and customers. Every space is different, business owners can't be expected to understand the ins and outs of design. That's where Tran + Thomas Design Studio comes...

trendy interior design

2023 Interior Design Trends You Should Know About

In 2023, the changes are more noticeable as life finally returns to normal. Embracing one or more of 2023’s trends will allow you to refresh your home or office without replacing everything.

Combine Multiple Eras

Many people today are embracing the charm and character of vintage clothing and furniture. ...

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Declutter Your Home the Tran + Thomas Way!

DECLUTTER YOUR HOME The Tran + Thomas process

Tran + Thomas has a process that we follow to assist clients with their accessories.  Whether we have designed a new build, a renovation or a facelift of a few rooms, organizing and displaying accessories are an important part of well designed space.   Whether you...

tran thomas wallpaper example

Powerful Design: Wallpaper & Its Unexpected Uses

Wallpaper is experiencing a resurgence and the papers available are full of color, materials and frankly many look like art!! So we all know that wallpaper is terrific on walls, but we been exploring how to take this trend a step further by using it in unexpected ways. Ceilings....

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Beautifully Displaying Collections in an Era of Minimalism

This client's collection of vintage clocks are mixed with family photos from all generations. We used the clocks and clear acrylic risers to create a well curated collection and composition. We all know the buzzwords from recent years: "downsize, minimize, and let it go!  And now that it's the beginning...